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Preventing early school leavingSchool Inclusion - Preventing early school leaving

School Inclusion

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Name of the person involved in the event:
Giuseppe Italiano
Date of the event:
18th June 2008
Type of Dissemination event:
Presentation in the Conference of the School Network “Il Tuderle” of Umbria Region
Description of Dissemination Event:
The Conference was promoted by the Area Network n.6 of Umbria schools at the end of the year activities on Educational Research. G. Italiano, as President of the Technical/Scientific Board of Cipat and responsible for the “School Inclusion” project made a speech on the importance of action/research in the change of teachers’ professional approaches and compared European policies and results as highlighted in “School Inclusion” national reports. Experts, head teachers and teachers, public officers from Umbria Region were present. The Conference was held at Teatro Concordia, Marsciano, Perugia
Target group:
Staff from Umbria schools, representatives from the Regional Office of the Ministry of Education
Number of people reached by event:
More than 400
Held in:
Marsciano, Italy
Outcomes and Results:
• information on the project
• links with current national experiences devoted to prevent early school leaving
Supporting documents
Conference brochure, signature sheet available at I.C., Deruta, Perugia
Supporting Documents:

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