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Lifelong Learning Project - School Inclusion - Preventing Early School Leaving

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Close, agree and commit: document signed contract for improvement


Equipo de tutoría del Ciclo Formativo de Grado Medio de Técnico en Sistemas Microinformáticos y Redes, ( Juani López, Mabi Sánchez, Toni Ruiz y Tomás Marín), coordinados por el responsable de unidad Salvador Gutiérrez y Marcela Senent (departamento de orientación)




. Context in which good practice is conducted
Coping with conflict situations in a reasonable point.
• Why have you chosen this good practice?
Communication in the teaching-learning process has to incorporate the message of shared resolve.
The decisions you make from conflict situations have previously lead a process of consultation
Treat them just problems among people affected by them, in a personalized way and outside the classroom.

• Skills acquired by teachers involved
• Deal with problems in an organized
• To demonstrate respect for the person to objectively analyze situations to improve in a specific time devoted to it, thus avoiding personal confrontations that only generate reactivity.
• Patience
• Make decisions and joint commitments
• Assess the resolve the problem that the very problem itself
• Impact on professional development
Management tasks defined and supported from all the team title and the Guidance Department.
• Final comments
1. Approach (friendly).
2. Objectivity.
3. Treat each situation with the people affected.
4. Develop protocols where
• Define what is happening (no disqualifications actions)
• Set different causes
• Plan specific solutions
• Test them in time
5. Changes in all people obtain benefits.

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15 November 2012

[email protected] at the Future of Education Conference

The [email protected] projet will be presented at the third edition of the “Future of Education” international conference, held in Florence, Italy, on 13 - 14 June 2013. Over 250 participants from all over the world will attend the conference. The conference participants belong to the sectors of higher education, school education, vocational education and training as well as adult education, therefore representing all of the target groups of the [email protected] project.

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