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Lifelong Learning Project - School Inclusion - Preventing Early School Leaving


Name of the organisation: C.I.P.A.T. - Consorzio Istituti Professionali Associati Toscani - (Consortium of the Tuscan Professional Associated Institutes)
Address: Oratory of S. Michele alla Pace - S. Ambrogio Place (at the edge with "dei Pilastri - street" ) - 50121 Florence - ITALY
Tel: + 39 055 2638874
Fax: + 39 055 2638874
Web site:
Name of the contact person: prof. Giuseppe Italiano
Function: President of CIPAT's Technical-scientific Committee
Address: 452, Pisana-street - Florence - ITALY
Tel: +393387971929
Fax: +390552638874
E-mail: [email protected]
Type of organisation:
  • Consortium of public schools
Fields of action:
  • Youth
  • Schools
Description of the organization "C.I.P.A..T.", to this day, is a consortium made up of 31 schools, including several courses of studies, with a certain predominance of hotel-management and catering schools. The Consortium was established 2002 thanks to the initiative of 12 schools, that were determined to collaborate in various fields of common interest, as specified in the Statute.

Recently (Dec. 2007) this Statute has been modified, its aims and its name completed and its institutional bodies updated. CIPAT's leading course of action, to this day, involves following fields:

- fight of school dropping out, with projects that complete education with vocational training; in this field CIPAT has already organized initiatives that have been well awarded by the Regional Authorities. A regional Coordination of experiences and good practices has been set up and a regional Meeting is going to take place very soon. To this theme has been linked the School inclusion Project, a Comenius Project for the elaboration of a strategy for fighting school early leaving. A meeting will be soon organized among formative Agencies, with the common aim of creating a shared platform concerning the integration between education and vocational training.

- The reform of the Technical and Professional Education, in order to optimize the integration of the institutes with the demands of the territorial development and in this world the identifying of the pole-schools for a technical professional training, including the various exit levels, up to the higher technical formation. To this purpose the consortium is activating itself for including the whole universe of the Tuscan professional institutes, in order to englobe, as already now it happens, all courses of study; and it is wide open also towards the other institutes of higher education (starting from the technical institutes) that are interested in its aims and in its activities. We deal with the Regional Authorities concerning the problem of a mutual recognition related to the validation of competences in a system of credit transfer.

- Organizational and professional quality improvement of the adherent schools, carrying out projects for adopting quality models (CAF/BSC), with a shared action of teachers' training, coordination and exchange of didactic experiences as innovating teaching tools (bench-learning) enhancing all excellences both among teachers and students.

- Participation in external initiatives, aimed to territorial promotion and development, that make possible that the education quality gets positive effects on its members: building partnerships in European projects, managing cooperation initiatives with "Misericordia di Firenze" on the theme "disability" and supporting developing countries, agreements, activities with territorial Authorities, etc.
Experience in previous projects Many of the schools, that are adhering to the Consortium, have already managed, in the past, important projects within Socrates Programme: Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.

We would like to mention only some of them: Istituto Professionale "Datini" - Prato; Istituto Professionale "Einaudi" - Grosseto; Istituto Professionale "Marco Polo" - Cecina (Livorno); Istituto Professionale "Pertini" - Lucca; Istituto Professionale "Matteotti" - Pisa.

CIPAT, since previous school year, has started an initiative of coordination among the adhering schools aimed to fight against school wastage: it looked for the best practices that already had been set up in Tuscany for what concerns the experimentation of integrating paths between education and vocational training and elaborating proposals that have been presented to the Regional Autorities and the latter has taken them into consideration for the creation of the regional guidelines for the school year 2007/08. The coordination group, made up by a group of teachers that is working hard on practices of innovating didactics, has also produced, at the beginning of the school year, the first indications of good practices for the adhering schools.
Contact person's experience Professor Giuseppe Italiano, in his quality of Headmaster of the Istituto Professionale per il Commercio "Da Vinci" in Empoli (Florence) from 1984 to 1987 has been Technical Director of the EU Pilote Project CEE I 20a of the region Valdelsa

In his quality of Headmaster of the "Istituto Professionale per il Commercio "Datini"" in Prato, has been: - In the school years 1988/91, he was Responsible for the EU Pilote Project CEE - PETRA , concerning teachers' training - In the school year 1991/93 he was Responsible for the EU Pilote Project PETRA IT 1 in collaboration with Bruxelles University. - In the school years 1995/98 he was Responsible for the EU Pilote Project "TIFS ", within the EU Programme "Leonardo da Vinci", Contract nr. I/11a/N/1/81 n.3558. Partners: Région de la Loire, Academie de Nântes, Canaries' Regional Government. - In the school years 1996/99 he was the Italian Responsible for the EU Project "Leonardo" : "Training for trainers 2002 " in collaboration with "Camera di Commercio di Madrid" (Madrid Chamber of Commerce) and other european partners.

In his quality of Headmaster of the "Istituto Regionale per la Ricerca Educativa della Toscana" he has been coordinating various projects of research within the Socrates and Grundtvig Programmes from 1999 to 2006.

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