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Lifelong Learning Project - School Inclusion - Preventing Early School Leaving

Training Initiatives


Prevention of School Abandonment


County Center for Psycho-pedagogical Assistance IASI






Objectives of the training program:
 - Acknowledging the communication barriers in the family;
 - Providing efficient communication strategies to teachers;
 - Providing teachers with appropriate strategies for interpersonal conflict management which will help them in their work with students.
 - Knowing your own qualities and flaws – having a correct self imagine;
 - Knowing a child’s rights in the family, school and community ;
 - Training behavior which will reject conflict;
 - Training assertive and empathetic abilities of interaction ;
 - Respecting the law and school conduct ;
 - Writing new laws that will define behavior in schools - the student’s code
There will be 4 teams of 3 - 4 teachers/psychologists who will be in charge of the educational counseling activities with the teachers in schools, activities which will target the prevention and reduction of aggressive behavior in students.

These activities will target the following areas:
a) identifying the causes of school abandonment ;
b) efficient communication – the role of communication in school abandonment and absence prevention
c) positive interpersonal relationships ;
d) prevention and solving of conflicts.
e) forming a correct self imagine interpretation.

Technical methods and strategies used:
Debating ;
Role play ;
Psychological questionnaire ;
Interpreting problems;
Life trajectory ;
The social atom;
Mind map;
Conflict map ; etc

The beneficiaries of the program :
School teachers, local community, students

Expected results :
- Reducing the number of school dropouts and student who skip school.
- Teachers will learn to use efficient communication strategies (they will be more assertive, empathetic and they will be better at expressing their emotions)
- Teacher will incorporate the approach and solving methods of dealing with interpersonal conflicts; they will demonstrate conflict negotiation abilities, compromise in solving conflicts and they will transfer these newly learned skills to their students and the parents
- Teacher will be able to point out their abilities, as well as flaws, they will have a realistic image, correct by comparison to those around them.
- Teachers will train their students ‘defense abilities, so that they will be able to defend their rights in the family, school and community.
- Teachers will practice the assertive and empathetic skill of interaction with those around them ;
- Teacher will be able to build a set of polite behavior rules to be respected in school and outside of the school environment;
- Teachers will be convinced that it is mandatory to respect school rules and legislation in general;
- Teacher will use the conflict rejection skills they have learn, they will demonstrate a empathetic and assertive behavior and they will pass this on to the students and parents.


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15 November 2012

[email protected] at the Future of Education Conference

The [email protected] projet will be presented at the third edition of the “Future of Education” international conference, held in Florence, Italy, on 13 - 14 June 2013. Over 250 participants from all over the world will attend the conference. The conference participants belong to the sectors of higher education, school education, vocational education and training as well as adult education, therefore representing all of the target groups of the [email protected] project.

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