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Lifelong Learning Project - School Inclusion - Preventing Early School Leaving

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„School – a necessity, not just a right”


The association „Youths for the Future”






Using an adequate frame for action (finding alternative solutions, creating a group of professionals for their implementation), but also a specific orientation for young people who find themselves in difficult situations, people who are exposed to school abandonment, in order to prevent and fight this phenomena.
Supporting the long-term social integration process of youths ( preschoolers and students alike) who are at risk of becoming school drop-outs and to keep them in school by designing a proper frame which will allow using specific alternative and innovative educational solutions, doubled by orientation and counseling.
OS1 Improving the educational system’s capacity to preventively respond to the drop-out phenomena through making good use of an environment which will fully cater to the development and implementation of innovative educational solutions as well as increasing the level of preparedness of the implicated personnel in the development of prevention programs for school abandonment. This will result in the creation of a national group of professionals capable of implementing extracurricular activities which specifically target the needs of these young people.
OS2 increasing motivation for learning and staying in school through trying out and implementing the system of youth orientation (preschool and students). We want to assist young people through diverse extracurricular activities which should result in newly founded fundamental educational, social and economical skills, which will facilitate their educational and professional experience.
OS3 Sustaining social integration through educational integration with the help of alternative educational partnerships – student-parent and orientation and adequate counseling, defining an educational and professional path according to the specific needs of the students.
OS4 Promoting innovative development instruments part of an integrated system of communication, information, training, instruction and extracurricular orientation through a web platform.

- Students who are at risk of becoming drop-outs (2400)
- Parents/tutors of those students (2400)
- The personnel who is implicated in the program development process for the prevention of school abandonment (800)

The most important expected result for this project is the improvement of the educational system’s capacity to deal with the prevention of the phenomena. We expect that the used methods will contribute to increasing the motivation for learning and choosing state funded educational institutions as a viable option for a fulfilling future of the children. The project’s activities will include alternative education partnership development – student- parent through practical activities which are meant to significantly increase the children’s interest for the school as an institution.
The project promotes innovative instruments of developing a integrated system of communication, information, training and school orientation.
The final result will materialize through a e-learning platform, which will become a means of constructive dialog and progress for children with disabilities, children with special educational needs and for those who, although physically and psychologically fit, have, for other reasons, come very close to dropping out of school.
The student and parents counseling methods will improve so as to minimize the risk of school abandonment, by using innovative work methods. We will stress the importance of informal work, since it is a well- known fact that such methods captivate and bring the most results in the long term.
After the end of the program “ Training facilitators for the prevention of school abandonment” which regards the prevention of school abandonment, the participant teachers will be able be :
- Communicate and better collaborate amongst themselves, forming networks on a country level;
- Have a common understanding of what school abandonment really means and what the categories of persons at risk are.
- Gain knowledge about facilitating discussions or meeting with the project’s target group members
- To have a better understanding of how prejudice affect their activities with students and parents
- Know how informal education can be used to prevent school abandonment
- Have more knowledge about the ways in which they can mediate a conflict.

Reference number POSDRU/91/2.2/61639 financed through The Social European Fund, through The Sectorial Operational Program for the Development of Human Resources 2007-2013


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15 November 2012

[email protected] at the Future of Education Conference

The [email protected] projet will be presented at the third edition of the “Future of Education” international conference, held in Florence, Italy, on 13 - 14 June 2013. Over 250 participants from all over the world will attend the conference. The conference participants belong to the sectors of higher education, school education, vocational education and training as well as adult education, therefore representing all of the target groups of the [email protected] project.

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