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Lifelong Learning Project - School Inclusion - Preventing Early School Leaving

Training Initiatives


Training courses - Intentional interview - 1st and 2nd level - Year 2010/2011


Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Veneto and the Technical Board for preventing social distress and promoting the active citizenship






With the aim to support schools in their activities to prevent social distress and to promote the students’ welfare, in the 2010 - 2011 USRV organized specific training initiatives in collaboration with the Regional Technical Board.
Specifically USRV organised the basic level of the training course on the intentional interview, already taken place in the previous school year. The course was addressed to teachers and/or operators working at the listening services and CIC (Centri di Informazione e Consulenza) in schools.

Secondly, as a continuation of the basic course organised last year, USRV has proposed an advanced level in order to make teachers aware on attitudes and basic competencies needed to meet students’ special needs and to handle the aggressiveness and conflicts. This second level was addressed only to the participants of the basic course.

The courses were mainly managed by prof. Ernesto Gianoli, psychologist and psychotherapist, Director of Master Degree in Psychology at the International School of Educational Sciences (SISF) of the Salesian University located in Venice - Mestre.

Course 1 st Level - The Intentional Interview
The course was intended to illustrate the features and different types of interviews depending on the person and the different situations, to present strategies, techniques and stages and finally to encourage attitudes and behaviors facilitating the interview.
The course was addressed to teachers and/or operators working at the listening services and CIC (Centri di Informazione e Consulenza) in schools.
The course goals were:
 describing characteristics and types of the intentional interview
 actively listening
 analysing and conceptualizing the problem
 defining the objectives of the interview
 selecting strategies and techniques
 assessing the interview’s effectiveness
 identifying and taking on attitudes and behaviors that facilitate the interview
 applying theoretical elements when discussing with peers.
During the course a theoretical part and practical exercises including individual and/or collective exercise, group activities, case studies were carried out.
The course lasted 28 hours, divided into two sessions of 7 hours and four sessions of 3 hours.

2nd level - Meeting students’ special needs and handling the aggressiveness and conflicts
In continuation of the first level course, this course aimed at making teachers aware on attitudes and basic competencies required to meet students’ special needs.
The course was addressed only to those who participated in the first one.
At the end of the training course teachers had to be able to: recognize students’ needs; positively meet their needs; design and test educational activities addressed to students with special needs.
The course lasted 21 hours, divided into two sessions of 7 hours and two meetings of 3 hours.
Some further meetings on the inappropriate use of new media and their educational potentialities were organised. Marco Sanavio (Osservatorio Permanente Regionale) and Mariano Diotto (Director and Professor at the Degree Course ISRE-SISF) have managed the meetings.



Zone d'identification

4 mars 2013

Lancement du Module 5 “Soutien externe et coopération”

Au cours du mois de mars 2013, les partenaires forment les enseignants impliqués dans le projet au Module 5 "Soutien externe et coopération". Le module examine les ressources et soutiens externes pour les enseignants et élèves pour les aider à prévenir le décrochage scolaire.

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