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Wrong of School


Daniel Pennac




2007 - FRANCIA






This book talks about how the teachers to prepare lessons are thinking only good students, not given to others.
The first-person book explains the author\'s feelings, when he was one of the students, and gives some ideas for change.


Very interesting book for teachers.
Daniel Pennac was a bad student, what he calls \"a chump,\" and this fact allows it to address the thorny issue from a perspective attached to reality, far from rhetorical for release. His experience as a teacher for twenty years, in many cases giving classes for special students, also gives the point of view of someone who is on the other side, trying to work every day with unmotivated students, who are determined to lift a barrier effort between them and the knowledge.

Pennac draws us and the portrait of a student who does not intend to be a rebel, not necessarily little worker, but who does not perform in class, simply because you do not understand. Some time has gone astray, away from the rest of the class. Unable to fathom some notion and lost his foot, the distance between the group and it is becoming increasing. Convinced of his incompetence, the student pays.

In this situation, teacher after teacher clings to the known resource \"Lacks base\" to leave his fortune to a drowning and sinking, then yes, you can take that attitude of rebellion or of being misunderstood so beloved among adolescents. But their failure is the teacher who fails to tear down the barrier that separates him from the subject to be mastered, and prefers to shrug before turning back to the time when the student derailed.

Meanwhile, parents rarely know bad student tackle the problem and seriously consider finding a solution. Lack of time or disappointment lead them to look the other way, pretending that all is well, or stigmatize the student, wishing him the most black of destinations because of their ignorance and ineptitude.

As a result of the attitudes of those who should help the young completely abandons any effort. Convinced that studying is not going with it, let it grow constantly the wall that separates him from his peers, teachers and parents. Efforts should be used to form, on finding it will justify excuses that before each other, a strenuous task which, however, does not report more than dissatisfaction.

Although Pennac student says that evil is from the beginning of public education, which seems inevitable, it does point out the guilt that in recent times can have on school failure the loss of values ​​in our society, which has become our children and young pro consumers, encouraging them to purchase products (with money not yet earned) and faster than they are made with the knowledge and maturity needed to develop our own criteria.

But fortunately, there are teachers and involve families, struggling to break down the barrier that poor students raise around. We are convinced that there are some failures, study and learn that if you go with them and show them that the future has a place reserved. A base to make them understand that knowledge is reached by counting steps, each class or each hour of study is important in itself, without having to continuously measure the whole, achieved, for example, that a poor student to become a professor and novelist of the stature of Pennac.


Enric Ortega


Florida High School

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15 November 2012

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